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Rook Bartley

Birthdate: 2024
Birthplace: Cavern City, South America Quadrant (Brazil)
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: O
Favorite Music: Punk rock

First Appearance:
Episode 62 - "The Lost City"

Rook Bartley is a independent, strong-willed, young woman. She values her independence and is happiest when living by her own wits and warrior skills. In the past, she was part of a vigilante motorcycle band called the Blue Angels that was formed to defend against another gang of violent renegades, the Red Snakes. Ambushed by the Snakes, supposedly at the betraying hands of her own people, Rook sets off on her own, abandoning her mother and sister, Lilia, vowing never to trust anyone ever again. Later, she runs into Scott and his growing band of resistance fighters. She finds that these people are fighting for the same things she's always believed in and
feels compelled to join them. At times, her growing affection and dependence on her new friends, especially her feelings for Rand, cause her to panic. She comes close to leaving the group on several occasions. But eventually, Rook learns that she has more to gain with love and friendship than by returning to the solitary life she's led for so many years.

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