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Rolf Emerson

Chief of Staff to the Supreme Commander of the United Earth Forces

Birthdate: 1983

General Rolf Emerson is a charismatic leader who prefers to think through all options before taking action and only resorts to force as a last resort. This trait often places him at odds with the more aggressively decisive style of Supreme Commander Leonard. However, once committed he is a capable strategist and able leader.

Emerson takes custody of young Bowie Grant when his parents Vince and Jean Grant leave on a daring expedition to the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Bowie initially looks up to his godfather and enters the Robotech Military Academy, but differences of opinion eventually place the two at odds. Although Emerson does his best to intervene on behalf of his godson, there is little more he can do when the Second Robotech War breaks out.

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