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Nova Satori

Global Military Police Officer

Birthdate: January 19, 2010
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: A

Nova is an officer within the GMP and acts as Col. Fredericks' adjutant. Part of her job is to keep after the miscreants in the 15th ATAC squad, arresting Dana for the brawl at the space port with Marie's squadron and Bowie for being at off-limits bars playing piano. She is a stickler for rules, yet loses her head over Zor Prime. She reveals military secrets to him while trying to debrief him. Over time, she loosens up and helps out the members of the 15th squad bring the war to its resolution, as well as helping lead the clone population of the doomed Robotech Masters' ship to safety after they were written off by their leaders.

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