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Ace of the Zentraedi Elite Forces, Captain of the Quadrano Squadron

Also known as: Miriya Sterling

Height: 855cm (Zentraedi) 178cm (micronized)
Weight: 6250kg (Zentraedi) 53kg (micronized)
Bloodtype: BZ (human B equivalent)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green

The ace of the Zentraedi Forces, Miriya is a fearsome warrior who piloted the Zentraedi Power Armor. Upon discovering the combat talents of Max Sterling, Miriya takes it upon herself to hunt him down, but finds herself frustrated by the "micronian" ace in combat. Miriya infiltrates the SDF-1 to challenge Max and regain her honor but finds herself humiliated in a video game duel against him tries to kill him in a knife fight. Beaten for a last time, she suddenly finds herself in love and marries him in a historic wedding that unites the humans and the Zentraedi. Miriya sticks by Max's side through the war and helps rebuild Earth from the ashes left by Dolza's fleet.