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Maximillian Sterling

Ace of the SDF-1

Also known as: Max

Birthdate: 1990
Height: 181cm
Weight: 74kg
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Blue

His modest and unassuming personality belies Max's deadly prowess as the SDF-1's most renowned Veritech pilot. Certified as an ace following his first battle, Max's skills earned him quick distinction among both his fellow RDF pilots and their Zentraedi adversaries.

Orphaned during the Global War, Max nonetheless had an avid interest in flying and military technology. But like many other people his age, this interest did not necessarily translate into a desire to join the military.

At the launch festivities for the SDF-1, Max and his friend Ben Dixon found themselves caught up in the opening battle of the first Robotech War. Rescued in the midst of the first fight against Zentraedi forces, Max earned his first ride in a veritech fighter.

Like many of the civilians stranded aboard the battlefortress, Max volunteered for the effort to rebuild Macross City inside the ship. Soon after that monumental task was completed, both he and Ben volunteered for the Robotech Defense Force and began training as veritech pilots. From early on, Max was recognized as a true aviation prodigy, a pilot with some of the most natural flying skills and instincts. His potential earned the attention of Roy Fokker, the SDF-1's air group commander, who then assigned both Max and Ben to the newly-created Vermillion group under the command of Lt. Rick Hunter.

Max wasted little time distinguishing himself, as he notched nine confirmed kills in his first combat sortie in his trademark blue VF-1. But even his impressive skills were put to an ultimate test of survival during a reconnaissance mission that the Vermillion Group undertook to scout Zentraedi targets.

His fighting prowess eventually gained the attention of Zentraedi Quadrano ace Miriya Parino, who then sought him out in a furious battle that found its way into the streets of Macross City. Unbeknownst to Max, his defeat of the Zentraedi force's finest pilot made him marked for death by Miriya, who micronized herself in an effort to find him. After several near encounters, Max and Miriya finally confronted each other in a video game clash. The result was the same as before, and Miriya then tried to kill him during what Max thought was their first date.

Defeated once again, Miriya despaired of life itself. But incredibly, the two rivals fell completely in love and were quickly married. The union of Max and Miriya became an unlikely symbol of peace and understanding during the First Robotech War.

First Appearance:
Episode 8 - "Sweet Sixteen"

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