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J.A.N.I.C.E. M2

Also known as: Janice

Age: n/a (current model in operation for less than one year)
Height: 161cm
Hair: Pink (simulated)
Eyes: Red (simulated)

J.A.N.I.C.E. Mark II is the second artificial person to bear that name within the Robotech Expeditionary Force. Her name is an acronym for Junctioned Artificial Neuro-Integrated Cybernatic Entity.

The first Janice was built by Dr. Emil Lang before the start of the Pioneer Expedition. She was destroyed during an attempt to apprehend the rogue General T.R. Edwards. At the time, Dr. Lang had been working on a newer model based on Haydonite technology, as Janice was expanding her role as an emissary with the Haydonites, who were providing advanced Shadow Technology to the humans of the Robotech Expeditionary Force. Prior to the destruction of the first Janice, most of her memory banks were uploaded into the second version. The second Janice was nearly lost as well when the test firing of a Neutron S Warhead almost destroyed the science vessel she was on. She was later recovered and repaired by Dr. Louis Nichols.

Janice can holographically project any desired appearance at will. She usually assumes a human appearance to help make her human colleagues in the Expeditionary Force feel more comfortable around her. Despite retaining the memories of her previous model, the second Janice has taken on a different outward appearance and mannerisms, causing some to speculate whether she even retains the same sentience as her previous self, especially now that a significant portion of her underlying construction is based on Haydonite technology.

Janice's presence creates an awkward but humorous situation as she represents the closest encounter Dr. Nichols has ever had with an attractive woman. She enjoys the companionship of humans, especially Dr. Nichols, because human interaction is something she is interested in learning about beyond her scientific duties. She can also speak on the same intellectual level that he does, breaking past his personal barriers. She gradually begins to recall that she has been programmed to do everything a human can do, from combat to singing, at an advanced level. However, she makes little fanfare of it because it is second nature to her.