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Bowie Grant

Birthdate: 2013
Height: 157cm
Hair: Black

Bowie is the nephew of Claudia Grant and godson to Rolf Emerson, into whose care he was left when his parents, Vince and Jean Grant, left the Earth with the Expeditionary Forces. A reluctant graduate of the Robotech Military Academy, Bowie would rather be writing and playing the piano than fighting. When gathering data within the downed flagship of the Robotech Masters, Bowie meets Musica, a fellow musician for whom he falls in love. He later has difficulty with his conscience fighting the bioroid forces as he does not wish to kill. When they next invade the Robotech Masters' ship, Musica flees with the survivors of the 15th squad, who hide her from the GMP. Bowie goes AWOL with Musica after Zor Prime turns her in.

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