Reference Books

Reference Books published by The Donning Company

    Robotech Art 1
  • ISBN: 0-89865-412-2
    First printing: April 1986
    Contains synopses of all 85 television episodes along with production illustrations of characters and mecha. Also includes an overview of the production of Robotech and background information on the anime industry.
  • Robotech Art 1: Hardcover Edition with Dust Jacket
  • ISBN: 0-89865-503-X
    Second printing: May 1986
    Otherwise identical to the above softcover edition, except with the addition of a hardcover, printed dust jacket, and illustrated inside-cover lining.
  • Robotech Art 1: Signed Hardcover with Slipcase
  • ISBN: 0-89865-462-9
    First printing: April 1986
    Individually numbered and limited to 1200 copies. Differs from unsigned hardcover in that the title is foil-stamped in GOLD instead of silver and the inside-cover lining is NOT illustrated.
  • Robotech Art 2
  • ISBN: 0-89865-417-3
    First printing: October 1987
    Features additional production artwork from Robotech along with visual interpretations by top American artists.
  • Robotech Art 2: Signed Hardcover with Slipcase
  • ISBN: 0-89865-527-7
    First printing: October 1987
    Individually numbered and limited to 1200 copies.
  • Robotech Art 3: The Sentinels
  • ISBN: 0-89865-575-7
    First printing: 1988
    Contains an overview of the Sentinels series with production designs of new characters and mecha. Also contains an in-depth look into the turbulent production process that led to the creation of the feature-length special.
  • Robotech Art 3: The Sentinels: Signed Hardcover with Slipcase
  • ISBN: 0-89865-576-5
    First printing: 1988
    Individually numbered and limited to 1000 copies.

Video Game Strategy Guides published by Prima Books

    Robotech: Battlecry - Official Strategy Guide
  • ISBN: 0-7615-4080-6
    First printing: 2002
    This in-depth gameplay guide to the Robotech: Battlecry video game contains walkthroughs of all the missions, vital combat info, game secrets, and technical data with full-color images.

Reference Books published by Stone Bridge Press

    The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
  • ISBN: 978-1-933330-29-7
    First printing: 2007
    This comprehensive companion to Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles features plot guides, character profiles and mecha details with hundreds of full-color images, including never-before seen concept art and production designs from the making of the animated film.