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Why Disrespect Anime Art Styles?
Posted: 20 May 2024 01:07 AM  
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Why is there widespread disrespect towards anime artists, with many unfairly dismissing anime as a single art style and deeming artists ‘amateurs’ unless their work matches the level of renowned artists like Takehiko Inoue?

I’ve observed numerous threads over the past year filled with overt and subtle disrespect towards anime art and its creators, often through comments or downvotes. This disdain has been disheartening, culminating in a moment when I doubted my own status as a real artist, influenced by the pervasive negative opinions in this community.

Although I may not personally enjoy certain art styles like hyper-realism, photo-realism, abstract art, or various Western comic/cartoon styles, I still respect all artists equally. Preferences should never justify disrespect. A beginner drawing Dragon Ball art is just as entitled to be called an artist as someone selling their 30th painting.

To those artists who harbor these biases, I urge you to redirect your omeglz online2yu energy towards addressing the real threat to the art community: AI-generated ‘art.’ Let’s focus on supporting all artists, regardless of style, and fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment.

Posted: 29 May 2024 04:07 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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