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The top 3 brain games to help you train your thinking
Posted: 03 August 2023 10:43 PM  
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If you are a lover of thinking games and difficult challenges, Let’s learn about the top 20 best brain games to help you train your thinking with Coolmate!
1. Intellectual game Where’s My water?
Where’s My Water is a brain-training game from the world’s most famous Disney studio. The main character of this game is the crocodile Swampy. When participating in this game, you will have to repair the water system damaged by other crocodiles to make it difficult for Swampy to bathe.
2. Brain Game: Cut The Rope 2.
Puzzle brain game CogniFit Brain Fitness
Like the name that the publisher brings to “Brain Fitness”. CogniFit Brain Fitness is a PC and phone brain game that helps your brain “exercise” every day.
This game is very suitable for you to improve all skills in your brain, such as memory, focus more, think sharply, and process quickly. In addition, the game also has a chart to monitor and evaluate your level as well as your cognitive ability. From there, you will be able to improve, helping to improve efficiency at work every day.
3. Connect 4
connect 4  is a favorite classic game, and for good reason. This game is one of the best two-player games out there, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
The rules are simple and easy to understand, yet the game can be very challenging as well. It’s a great way to improve critical thinking skills and strategize before making any moves. The set-up of the game is straightforward, and the pieces are durable. It’s a perfect game for taking on the go, as it doesn’t require any batteries or power outlets.

Posted: 14 September 2023 08:49 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Lumosity: This app offers a variety of games designed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem-solving skills.

Peak: Peak provides over 40 games that cover various cognitive skills, including language, mental agility, emotion control, and problem-solving.

Sudoku: Sudoku puzzles are excellent for enhancing logical and deductive reasoning skills. There are many Sudoku apps and books available to keep your brain engaged.

Chess: Chess is a classic game that requires strategic thinking, planning, and decision-making. Playing chess regularly can significantly improve your critical thinking abilities.

Brain Age: Originally developed for Nintendo DS, Brain Age offers a series of puzzles and exercises to stimulate your brain and improve cognitive function.

Elevate: Elevate is an app that focuses on communication and math skills through various brain-training games.

PeakFinder: This app challenges your memory and observation skills by asking you to identify peaks and mountains on a virtual horizon.

WordBrain: If you love word games, WordBrain offers a fun way to improve your vocabulary and linguistic skills.

Scribblenauts: This puzzle game encourages creativity and problem-solving by allowing you to conjure objects to overcome challenges.

Candy Crush Saga: While it may seem like a simple match-three game, Candy Crush Saga involves planning and strategy as you progress through levels.

Portal: Portal is a mind-bending puzzle game that will test your spatial awareness and logic.

The Witness: This game is a first-person exploration and puzzle-solving adventure that requires you to solve complex puzzles to progress.

Tetris: The classic game of Tetris challenges your spatial reasoning and reflexes as you fit falling blocks together.

Brainwell: Brainwell offers a variety of fun and engaging games designed to improve memory, attention, and critical thinking.

Crossword Puzzles: Traditional MyJohnDeere crossword puzzles are great for enhancing your vocabulary and word association skills.

Brain Dots: Brain Dots is a physics-based puzzle game that will make you think creatively to solve each level.

Peakfun: Peakfun offers a collection of games to boost your brainpower in areas like logic, math, memory, and language.

Posted: 28 November 2023 11:11 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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