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Waiting for Diablo IV : Which Game To Practice With
Posted: 28 January 2023 11:07 PM  
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If you want to play other games before Diablo IV, Diablo 2 and the Remaster (Diablo 2 Resurrected) are good to start with.

Grim Dawn is regularly on sale and is a great game to scratch that itch. Path of Exile is really good but incredibly complicated and very daunting, but it’s F2P and pretty reasonably so. Its seasonal mechanics are also similar to what D4 is aiming to do. Diablo 3 will have a similar amount of skills for you to combine and play with but otherwise seems like it’ll still be quite different. Diablo 2 Resurrected is fun and good nostalgia and a bit more thematically like D4 but also is still a bit dated in some regards. Last Epoch is also a good one just without a ton of endgame, but the character building is fun and alongside Grim Dawn may be a closer experience to what Diablo IV will be.

Then there are also Titan Quest, Last Epoch, Wolcen, Van Helsing, and Warhammer 40k Martyr. But if you are completely new to the genre as a whole, then I would say Diablo 3 (with the Expansion Reaper of Souls) are probably the best to get into it, as they are not too complex and the gameplay is very fluid compared to many other ARPG’s.