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Profound Spiritual Awakening Movies
Posted: 08 December 2022 09:12 PM  
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Themes: Awakening, Holy Relationship, Time, Mighty Companions, The Script is Written, Real Sight, Awareness of Dreaming, Enlightenment, Forgiveness

Who you are is from before time was. Time is a concept, built to measure and therefore “give reality” to man’s existence within an illusion. Matter is held together by thought, and the belief in (and the need for) a bodily identity.

All that’s blocking the awareness of Self and total freedom are obstacles: beliefs and thoughts. At a particular point in the spiritual journey, all obstacles fall away—they cannot be believed as real when there is awareness of Self, because “nothing real may be threatened;” who you’re cannot die.

When Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) finds herself caught up in a drug trafficking nightmare, it appears to be the worst situation imaginable. An offer of drugs is surgically implanted in her stomach and when they start to leak, she experiences a transformation of consciousness that takes her all the best way to total transcendence from human consciousness to pure awareness. When she is preparing to let all of it go completely, she gives herself to the experience, without need to keep anything with this world.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a spectacular movie about memory deletion, surrender, and forgiveness. Love transcends all the perceptual memories, though the ego believes the memories will be the love. The light that shines beyond all perceptual memories is blazing with eternal love in a spotless, divine mind. Ultimately, there’s a surrender to the divine eraser of past associations and meaningless private thoughts and just a recognition of seeing the Self anew remains present. Staying present, all relationships reflect the innocence and purity that transcends the lies of the ego. Freed from specialness, the holy relationship emerges as a testimony to the glory of God and true love.

You are the One! Free the mind from an environment of control that is founded on limitations and fear. The matrix is everywhere, for the matrix encompasses all appearances and images you seem to perceive. What if you had been unaware that you had been dreaming? What if you may not tell the difference between the dream and the real world? The matrix is your seeming digital “self”, a projected image of a mental construct called ego. The matrix is a construct that can seem full of all sorts of erroneous ideas of attack and defense.

A brilliant movie about Dan Millman, a child who meets an unlikely spiritual guide and goes via a rapid awakening that involves facing and releasing the ego while turning to the inner strength and focus that is present in today’s moment. This movie is a masterpiece in showing where true healing lies and that sickness is judgment and faulty perception. Benefit from the simplicity and strength of managing one purpose.

Themes: Participate in Purpose, Metaphysical, Discover True Identity, Injustice, Deception, Perfectionism, Finding Purpose, Following, Awakening The Island is just a fantastic metaphysical movie, showing the awakening process right through from being in a deceived, conforming state to realizing that what was considered to be life was not really life at all. A society of men and women who are deceived from birth need to find their true identity in this sci-fi action.

When you yourself have ever prayed that spiritual awakening could possibly be funny, this movie is the answer to your call. Linear time is just a loop where yesteryear just appears to repeat over and over. The desire to obtain something back from others leads us on a fruitless search even as we seek to overcome the void inside us. And all attempts to flee this void seem futile.

That’s why is the movie Groundhog Day this kind of powerful metaphor. Not only can you begin to see the loop, that is symbolic of the loop that everyone has experienced, but in addition, you visit a metaphor for the way in which from the loop, which can be just to be totally helpful—to completely lose yourself in the urge to be truly helpful. When that desire awakens, the planet is given a fresh purpose. As opposed to emphasizing escaping, we simply desire to extend and give like to everyone we meet. And with this particular change of purpose comes another way of taking a look at all the planet, until we can finally say and mean   the best spiritual movies

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