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Trouble with orders?
Posted: 15 August 2020 04:43 PM  
Master Sergeant
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Joined  2001-02-17

Is anyone having trouble with the orders not arriving?  I placed an order on May 1, 2020 and I still have yet to receive my products.  It’s not August 15, 2020!!  I have emailed 3 times and I have not received any replies.  I first emailed June 26, 2020.  I am getting super frustrated as my products were supposed to be gifts for a birthday which was last month.


It gets in your blood or something, I don’t know.

Posted: 17 August 2020 02:25 AM   [ # 1 ]  
Master Chief Sergeant
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Sucks! That my worry of ordering anything here.  Have you tried reaching out them via Facebook? Is the item on back orde r?