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Argumentative Essay Topics
Posted: 22 July 2020 11:43 PM  
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Some good argumentative essay topic examples

Argumentative essays, as is indicated by the term work towards arguing a particular point which is stated as the thesis of the essay. Starting from the choice of topic to the presentation of an argumentative paper, everything must be done with respect to this objective. Essay assignments usually cover only topics from within the syllabus or reasonably close to it. It is necessary to know the specifications of argumentative essay topics to be able to choose the appropriate one for such an assignment.

How to identify a suitable argumentative topic
Argumentative Essay TopicsArgumentative topics stand out from the rest of them because of its unique nature; in order to be able to identify one when you see it, you must know what sets it apart from the other topics. Going through some argumentative essay topic examples would help you get a better idea of the concept.

To put it in simple words, an argumentative topic is one which can be argued upon. There are many topics which don’t carry the potential to attract counter arguments; such topics would not work for argumentative papers. If you study the examples of topics of argumentative nature which are listed below, you would be able to see that each of them can generate one or more counter arguments.

1. Are women, in any way, responsible for the rising rate of domestic violence?

2. Should mercy killing (Euthanasia) be legalized?

3. Are old methods of education more effective or the new technologically advanced methods?

4. What is the part law has to play in the continuous failure to bring down the number of rape cases?

5. Is it true that weight loss with exercise is not permanent?

6. Is it justified that all natural calamities are attributed to global warming?

7. Are men are less capable of handling stress than women?

8. Can music work wonders where medicine failed?

9. Are Shakespeare’s sonnets autobiographical or not?

10. Is abortion justified when a rape victim conceives from her molester?

Some of these topics fall under the category of controversial topics as well. But there is no need to worry about that as controversial topics make excellent argumentative essay topics as it easily captures the attention of the audience.

Argumentative papers, unlike other essay projects, require you to present solid evidence towards proving the theory you have stated. This might require some research; hence, remember to keep aside some time for research while dealing with an argumentative essay. Choosing a familiar topic will help you to bring down the research work. You will also need to use persuasive language to present your argument.

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