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Get ready for the next excuse
Posted: 21 June 2020 04:41 PM  
Master Chief Sergeant
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Since there has been a tremendous amount of movement on the Live Action Robotech movie over the past 6 months I thought I would make a thread that has the latest updates as of 9/13/2017:...
Update 22/06/2020 .....Yeah Um nothing else has happen ....oh lets blame Corvid19 that will buy a few more years of reselling the same merchandise with no animation or movie….


25 Year’s wow thats gone quick!

Posted: 21 June 2020 06:01 PM   [ # 1 ]  
Master Chief Sergeant
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If this ever happens I hope it is done well and it keeps the spirit of what we watched as kids, not someone’s vision of how it should be. This was done with The Last Airbender and I was beyond ticked off. The animated series was so amazing.


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Posted: 22 June 2020 01:15 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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I know there are a lot of court cases and corporations and rulings and international law and lawyers involved. However, it might be more likely or more reasonable someone could make a high quality documentary about the origins of Macross and its adaptation into Robotech. This could possibly be protected by “fair use” in the copyright law. Although, the Macross staff would have to consent and cooperate for interviews. The documentary could focus on the appeal of the series and its popularity. Which ages and genders were most impacted? Why is it so memorable? It would also be great if the intellectual property owners could simply publish all the Macross books and Macross magazines in English and other foreign languages. These are Japanese books and magazines like Macross Chronicle, Macross Perfect Memory, This is Animation, Valkyries, etc, etc, etc. Another option is maybe the controlling legal entities could start small with the international foreign language dubbed or subbed original franchises. Internationally distribute all the content and derivative content. They could work out all these agreements and build toward a live action film.

Maybe the intellectual property owners could start small with merchandies, then printed publications, then the actual animated series, and then a live action film. They should lay the foundation for profits and ownership.


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