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Mecha Database
Posted: 07 March 2020 12:55 PM  
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Hi robotech fans,
I hear to talk with you, I’m sure you have seen the Mecha database for the Shadows Chronicles and the movie itself and as you can see the database is missing some ships from the movie. These ships are the SDF-4 Liberator, Shimikaze-class Battle Cruiser Icarus, Ark Angel class Colony Fortress Ark Angel, SDF-3 Pioneer (Rebuilt after General T.R. Edward and the Invid Regent severely damaged the original version of the ship), and the Tokugawa class battleship Tokugawa that was refitted in the comic before the movie, also the database is missing the Hyadonite ships and mecha from the movie. When will these be put into the database of Robotech The Shadow Chronicles on the robotech website?

Posted: 28 March 2020 01:04 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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It’s unknown when the database will be updated.

But given the general lack of attention (beyond spam posters in the forums) that this site is getting, I don’t hold out high hopes for anything in the near future.


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