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Single Player Games
Posted: 25 November 2019 06:13 AM  
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Could use some recommendations. Something that I can get into. Been playing COD for a few weeks now, and my anxiety shoots up any time I play it. I get caught up in the whole, one more win then I’ll go to bed routine. Next thing I know, its midnight and I’ve had one win in the past five hours.

Before COD, it was Path of Exile, but the league just feels dead.

Fired up AOE2 xnxxhub DE and played that for a few hours. Got my ass handed to me despite the lobby saying “new players only”. Play for an hour and a half only to have teammates leave 15m in a game and I get wiped out in a 2v4 battle against elites.

I’m about 66% the way through Farcry but it doesn’t seem to stick with me. I guess I should try to complete that.

The last decent SP game I got myself into was Fallout 3, but it kept crashing on me so I stopped playing.

RDR2 xnxxvideo looks good, but I see it has a lot of issues on PC.

Iunno. Need something that I doesn’t get me amped up before I head to bed, heh. I think I’m going to try that X-Box PC game pass thing. Try a few games. See what happens there.

Posted: 27 November 2019 09:25 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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I have RDR 2 on PS4, and that is definitely one of those games I would double dip and get on PC/laptop as well just so I can play it on the go. I have numerous games on my backlog too through: Steam, Twitch games (via Amazon Prime subscription), and EPIC GAMES (free to sign up and to download select games dropped on a bi-weekly basis), and I promised myself to not buy any more games until I cleared some of my backlog up.  But then Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order got released.  If you’re a fan of Star Wars you may like Jedi Fallen Order.  Its been described as Dark Souls the Lite version. I don’t like Dark Souls type of games but the light saber combat in Fallen Order is fun and extremely satisfying. The characters and story is awesome as well I had an absolute blast from start to end.

A few other great and cheap-priced SP games on PC:  Vanquish, Sniper Elite 4, Nier: Automata, Homeworld Remastered Collection, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Tetris Effect.


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