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Looking for others who are interested in converting Robotech to 5e DnD rules!
Posted: 28 October 2019 08:38 AM  
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I was about 65 - 80% done converting Robotech into DnD 4th edition and then gave up as life events took my attention away from such projects.  However, now with the resurgence of DnD because of 5e youtube channels I am looking to take what I had and convert everything over to 5e and was wondering if anyone had already started on this on their own.

I admit it has been many many years since I hit up this website or thought about Robotech in general but my Netflix just recommended Robotech to me and I started watching it again and then found the folder of my conversion work.

I’m also in 2 5e DnD campaigns currently and I really think Robotech could work well within the 5e rules.  Of course some changes would be made such as converting ordinance to spell slots and long rests wouldn’t replenish them and there is the whole issue of gear upgrades would have to be handled differently since you just can’t find a +1 gun pod laying around, but I think some smart decisions could solve this type of thing.

Hit me up via private messages or reply if you have any interest.



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