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Is Macross the best?
Posted: 11 October 2019 07:53 PM  
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Joined  2019-10-11

I believe so.

Without Admiral Gloval, Claudia Grant, Roy Fauker, Lisa Hayes, Rick Hunter, Max Sterling, Mireya, the Zentraudi, Kyron, Breetai, Veritechs, SDF123, etc.

It just does not feel like Robotech.

The Lisa Hayes - Rick Hunter love story / dynamic is a must, so is the Max and Mireya Sterling love story.  These are lightning in a bottle.

I want those lost 15 years after the Macross Saga.

Forget about Southern Cross and the New Generation.

Whoever stopped production on the 15 years needs to be held accountable.  They had gold in their hands and they dropped the ball.  They deprived us of the Rick Hunter - Lisa Hayes love story.  They took away the Lisa Hayes/Rick Hunter - Max and Mireya Sterling dynamic from us.

It is as cruel as taking little kids out for ice cream, ordering ice cream only for themselves, and forcing us to watch them eat it.

Harmony Gold got our hopes up in the worst way imaginable.