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Posted: 27 September 2019 05:14 AM  
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Hello everyone,,
On a baseline level, I think that people have their kinks and if those kinks include “I want to fuck a robot” then good for you on clearly being born in the right time period.

On another level, I reserve the right to side-eye people who find something appealing about taking the objectification of women to a whole new level — like, literally, it’s meant to be a woman who is also a thing. And it just so happens to dovetail so nicely with every harmful cultural attitude about women: the impossible beauty standards, the assumption that we exist primarily for men’s pleasure (sexual or otherwise), that anything that makes us people is something to be put up with not respected…

Look, I’m not saying that people are bad for getting turned on by robot sex dolls. I’m just saying that I side-eye them pretty hard and will probably never stop.find more
In it you can choose to be Earth Forces or the Zentradi.

ROBOTECH - Miniature game - like heroclix or mechwarrior

Robotech - Macross Movie - do you think its possible with today’s CG effects.