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Posted: 22 September 2019 02:47 AM  
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Hello everyone,,
So I was driving to San Diego from central coast last week and for whatever reason got to thinking about Robotech and what the story really meant, and also how/where I would split the script so that it could run 3 movies.  It’s a monumentally tough decision and I sympathize with the writers…  But that said… here are my thoughts:

The first story should be focused squarely on Roy Fokker.  Forget Rick Hunter for a moment…  I know that’s incredibly hard to do because you could argue, without Hunter, there is no Robotech story, but bear with me (just for a moment guys).  Placing the onus on Roy would allow WB the story they need to tell.  They can dive in quickly into the technicals that need to be explained in order to set the movie up for what it is really about -the human story.  Rick really needs to be the side story in the first script.  That goes for his love of Minmae also -it needs to be the humorous side story and only after Roys ending can Ricks story begin.

The first story also needs to end with the Death of Roy Fokker.

This sets up a powerful,webhotelli emotionally overwhelming ending.  The beautiful love story between Roy and Claudia grant, and their very tragic and emotional demise.  The coming of age of Rick Hunter and his ownership of Skull Squadron.  It sets up the second story, really introducing the characters Rick Hunter, Minmae and fleshing and “humanizing” Lisa Hayes.  Which elegantly sets up story 3.

This is the way it needs to be done guys.  Robotech is too large to break into 3 movies and incorporate everything.  WB needs to take the critical human “choke points” and build a franchise around those powerful and endearing moments.

Anyway, that’s what I came up with as I was driving down to SD.  I’d pen it myself if I thought they’d read it.