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Do the Southern Cross mecha even use protoculture?
Posted: 10 September 2019 01:17 AM  
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From what I understand, the mecha in the original anime that the Second Robotech War was based on (Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross) were powered by miniature nuclear fusion reactors. Most of the documentation that I have seen regarding the Second Robotech War copies-and-pastes a lot the technical specs over from the original source material so many of the Veritechs have ‘fusion’ listed as their power source. The problem the I have with t his is that it would give the Armies of the Southern Cross a huge advantage over the Invid invaders at the start of the Third Robotech War. After all, the Invid sensors can lock on and track mecha that use protoculture and they are forced to rely on visual sighting for targeting non-protoculture enemies. That was the whole reason why the expeditionary forces used Shadow fighters (with their protoculture masking technology) to such great effect during the re-invasion of Earth. Why would the expeditionary forces even need to worry about powering their mecha with protoculture if there was a viable option in using fusion? TLDR: Many sources claim that Southern Cross mecha do not use protoculture but this undercuts the importance of protoculture in the entire storyline.

Posted: 12 September 2019 09:30 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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I’d have to think the earth defenses were very weak after the 2nd war and the invid would have the numbers to overcome them even if they had an advantage.

Posted: 18 September 2019 11:27 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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clamy99 - 10 September 2019 01:17 AM

TLDR: Many sources claim that Southern Cross mecha do not use protoculture but this undercuts the importance of protoculture in the entire storyline.

Nothing in the Tv series remotely indicates the mecha of the United Earth Forces in the 2nd Robotech War used anything other than Protoculture.

Some relevant dialogue:

Eps. #50 Triumvirate
SUPREME COMMANDER LEONARD: Proto-Engineering has completed the first consignment of the new Armored Gyro Assault Choppers, henceforth designated as AGACs. These will form the nucleus of the first assault wave. Your corps commanders will have your individual battle assignments.

Eps. #51 Clone Chamber
MARIE: Update from the first attack wing . . . The survivors of our bio-engineering sections are initiating repairs on the Advanced Lunar Chemical Engineering Station, or ALuCE-1 as it’s designated. . They feel fairly certain that a complete program of resource replenishment will have to be carired out to make the station operational again.

(Remember, Lunk was a Bio-Maintenance Engineer and he was an REF Mars Division soldier).

Eps. #54: Mind Games
MECHANIC 2: This conversion mode proto-generator is shot, but I think I’ve got time to repair it. (He’s working on a Spartas Veritech Hovertank in this scene, btw)

Eps. #61 The Invid Invasion
NARRATOR: In a distant corner of a far off galaxy, a race of protoplasmic creatures receives telepathic sensor reports indicating a huge buildup of protoculture on an insignificant planet in the fourth quadrant of the Known Unvierse,.....The location happens to be the Earth and the reason for the large buildup of protoculture is directly attributable to the final battle of the 2nd Robotech War.
SHUTTLE PILOT: Somehow I can’t get romantic about the Invid grubbing around the old homestead for protoculture.
COMMANDER GARDNER: Most of you know what I’m about to say, but for those who don’t know what this war is all about, its simply this: the Invid became aware of a large supply of active protocutlure on our home planet and moved with hostile and murderous intent to retrieve it. 

So….yea, the mecha of the 2nd Robotech War used Protoculture.



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Posted: 04 October 2019 02:49 PM   [ # 3 ]  
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And in The third Robotech War even civilian vehicles seem to run on the stuff so it would be very odd if the military machine didn’t.