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I remember watching Macross
Posted: 10 September 2019 01:04 AM  
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I remember as a kid that Robotech was awesome. I got the books as a tween and it confirmed that Robotech was awesome. I played the RPG with friends and reread the books many times until Cartoon Network started showing the series during Toonami and god did it suck. I am sorry to insult anyone’s opinion, but Minmei was just plain awful. At least the books gave her something like a motivation, but the show made her look impotent  and useless. Southern Cross and New Generation are in many ways incoherent without the novels, at least in my opinion, explaining what is going on and putting the scenes into context. I think that The Sentinels was pretty good and that The End of the Circle tidied things up nicer than the Shadow Chronicles did.