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This series was very amazing only robotics.
Posted: 09 September 2019 02:03 AM  
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I watched the entire Macross Franchise from start to finish last year, and it became my favorite anime series of all time replacing those that I watched before. What I love about it so much is that the entire series (excluding the non-canonical Macross II) is connected in the same universe and that every new Macross always makes a reference to the ones before it. So if you watch it from the original SDF up to Delta in order, it feels like an adventure where you journey from one anime generation to the next.

Perhaps you may be familiar with the original story with Robotech, but I still say watch the SDF TV series as I believe that there are a few changes to the plot that were made in Robotech.

After watching SDF, Do You Remember Love (DYRL) comes next which is a retelling of the SDF series. While the story remains similar to the TV series, it is told in a different manner, so you will get some new perspectives in watching the movie. What I will say though that it is absolutely MANDATORY to watch DYRL because it contains the most iconic song in the Macross series.

After DYRL, you move on to Macross Plus which is the most serious and dramatic story in the Macross series. Because of its short length, there aren’t as many songs in it compared to the TV series, but the few songs that are there are amazing. Also, for its time, its animation is very well done. There is the OVA series and the Movie version. The OVA covers more detail about the characters, while the Movie has some scenes added in that were not included in the OVA. They’re essentially the same, but I would prefer that you watch the OVA first. And if you need a rewatch, you can go for the movie whenever you want to come back to it.

After Plus comes Macross 7…basically the “G Gundam” black sheep of the Macross Franchise. The three biggest issues that people had with this series is its protagonist, its limited animation and heavy use of stock footage, and its highly repetitive formula. Personally, the protagonist is my favorite character of all time, and the reason why people hate him is the same reason why I love the guy. The episodes tend to repeat the same formula, which slows the series’ progression quite a bit (they had to drag it out for 49 episodes), but if you don’t mind a few breaks in the story, it’s pretty fun. The characters are also fun, and I consider Macross 7 to have the best songs in the entire Macross series. If you can’t handle the repetition, you can skip the Macross 7 series and wait until after watching Frontier to watch the movie version, Macross FB7, instead which will summarize the whole story for you. There are also some additional content for Macross 7 like a movie and Macross Dynamite 7 if you’re interested in watching more of Macross 7

Macross Zero aired after Macross 7 and is the first Macross to be animated by Studio Satelight (Basically Shoji Kawamori’s home studio). While Macross Zero acts as a prequel to the Macross series, I do not recommend watching it first as you won’t really get what’s going on. I made that mistake, so I hope you don’t do the same. When it comes to dogfights, Macross Zero is pretty much one of the most iconic anime to execute it. The animation is great to watch, and things get tense. As for the story? Eh…it’s pretty forgettable. However, I felt that Macross Zero was but a stepping stone that would eventually lead to one of the most successful anime in history…

Macross Frontier. Great animation, beautiful visuals, amazing songs, all while keeping the usual elements of Macross intact. I’m not the biggest fan of the characters though (save for one), but that’s just me. Macross Frontier is the pinnacle of the series when it comes to production value. Many newcomers into the Macross franchise started with Frontier, and that is perhaps why it is the most popular. However, those who didn’t watch DYRL before Frontier probably didn’t get the surge of nostalgia when I watched this series which is why I say that it is completely MANDATORY to watch DYRL before Frontier. Not only is the TV series great, but it also has two movies that retell the story ala DYRL that push the animation even further! If you plan to watch more of the Macross series, then Frontier is the one that you absolutely cannot miss.

Just a reminder that if you have not seen Macross 7 yet, you can watch Macross FB7 after finishing Frontier…

Finally we come to the latest entry in the franchise: Macross Delta. Delta kind of takes the Macross 7 route where it changes the formula drastically from the original. Some didn’t mind it, while others outright despise it. Me? Well I understand that each Macross series has its own story in their own part of the universe, so I can accept whatever differences they make. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but when it comes to 1st episodes, Macross Delta has the best one. Macross Delta is the only anime where after I finished the 1st episode, I immediately went online to find THAT song. I personally consider Delta’s music to be 2nd best right behind 7. I also love the character designs, and the characters themselves were quite likable (most of them). However, the story took a big hit in the second half and is pretty much the source of all the complaints from the viewers. It was hinted that Delta was supposed to be 13 episodes and a movie, but perhaps the higher ups changed their minds to do another 13 episodes probably to advertise more of the songs. Depending on your view of Macross, Delta will either be a series that you will mildly enjoy or a series that you wish never existed. Delta may not be the best Macross series, but I will tell you right now: I would rather watch Macross Delta than most of the anime that are airing right now.

There’s also Macross II which is non-canon to the main series. It’s basically a sub-par copycat of DYRL, but I did like the characters. You can watch it any time after you have seen the original Macross.

In short, none of the Macross serie