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The real reason we’ve seen no new Robotech since 2006
Posted: 04 September 2019 11:12 AM  
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The Shadow Chronicles was completed and screened at Film Festivals in August 2006. It was the first original, animated Robotech production since the release of Robotech II: The Sentinels in 1988. Shadow Chronicles was released theatrically in January 2007 and released on Region 1 DVD in February 2007.

Since then, only one other Robotech production has been released: Robotech: Love Live Alive - a stand-alone feature made using existing 1980s footage, released direct-to-DVD on July 2013.

The Shadow Chronicles was produced as a pilot to a bigger, ongoing series (or series of features). In February 2007 at the New York Comic Con, Shadow Chronicles director Tommy Yune said, “we are currently in production on the sequel.” Later that same day, Yune mentioned that the sequel would be a feature movie. The title of the sequel was revealed as Robotech: Shadow Rising, and the film was expected to be released within two years of the time of the announcement.

Subsequent announcements in mid-2008 made it clear that little-or-no progress had been made on the film. It was later reported that production had actually ceased in late 2007 after Harmony Gold terminated their deal with distributor FUNimation Entertainment due to creative differences. At Comic-Con 2012, Tommy Yune announced that Love Live Alive would pave the way for Shadow Rising. As of 2015, the Shadow Rising trademark has been abandoned since 2007.

Meanwhile a planned Robotech live-action movie has spent a decade in development hell - bouncing between directors with Warner Bros rights eventually giving way to a new deal with Sony. As of 2017, it is still in early development following a decision by Sony to go back to the drawing board.

So whatever happened to Shadow Rising and why has there been no new Robotech produced in over a decade?