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Depiction of SDF-1 in Titan Comics
Posted: 26 August 2019 11:03 AM  
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What did Zor’s battlefortress originally look like before it crashed on earth?

Shouldn’t it look similar to other Zentraedi ships, such as Breetai’s ship which I affectionately nicknamed a pickle ship… wink

Looking at Issue #1, as the ship enters earth’s atmosphere, it looks much like the modern day SDF-1. Sleek sharp edges, metallic. But is that a design that Zor would have come up with? I would have thought it should resemble the other Zentraedi ships.
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In the McKinney novels, SDF-3 was intentionally designed to look as close to the original as possible. And it looks pickle-like.

Your thoughts?

Posted: 26 August 2019 11:28 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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I’d expect it to look roughly the same as it did prior to its restoration, but with hull features and colors that more closely resembled the ships of the Robotech Masters.