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Thoughts on the original Macross.
Posted: 20 August 2019 11:47 PM  
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Macross on Amazon Prime? I’m sure most of you already knew this, but it’s new to me, I was starting a Robotech rewatch and decided look look for the originals, and was happy to see they are all there on Prime. With that, I decided to start with Macross instead, 5 bhk flat in mumbai office space in pune

Posted: 21 August 2019 07:41 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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There are online news articles stating all of Robotech is currently streaming for free on Filmrise, Roku, and Vudu with commercials of course. Supposedly the original cartoons are also free. This is 255 episodes, plus the Robotech movie (likely edited?), plus 11 hours of bonus footage all available for free in August of 2019 or coming soon.


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