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Depiction of SDF-1 in Titan Comics #1
Posted: 19 August 2019 11:57 PM  
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Disclaimer- I’ve only read up to issue #16
What did Zor’s battlefortress originally look like before it crashed on earth?

Shouldn’t it look similar to other Zentraedi ships, such as Breetai’s ship which I affectionately nicknamed a pickle ship… wink

Looking at Issue #1, as the ship enters earth’s atmosphere, it looks much like the modern day SDF-1. Sleek sharp edges, metallic. But is that a design that Zor would have come up with? I would have thought it should resemble the other Zentraedi ships. new residential projects in lower parel

In the McKinney novels, SDF-3 was intentionally designed to look as close to the original as possible. And it looks pickle-like. 2 bhk flat in undri

Your thoughts?

Posted: 21 August 2019 02:12 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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I thought the McKinney novels said it was supposed to look like a Zentraedi ship.  Originally the REF was banking on taking on more Zentraedi and wanted to go the whole “Trojan Horse” route. 
Then the Invid showed up and Breetai was all like “Oh did I forget to mention these clowns?  My bad.”



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Posted: 21 August 2019 06:24 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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Hi there.

User “SPJ,” are you referring to the Titan Comics story arc? “Originally the REF was banking on taking on more Zentraedi and wanted to go the whole “Trojan Horse” route. 
Then the Invid showed up and Breetai was all like “Oh did I forget to mention these clowns?  My bad.”

Are you implying Lisa from the Titan Comics was going to go to Tirol or Optera? It seems like you are combining the Titan Comics story arc with the original mission of Lisa and Rick kicking off The Sentinels story arc.

Replying to the original post of this thread, the SDF-1 was actually a ship from the Supervision Army according to the original Japanese version of Macross. In the original Japanese version the SDF-1 is also called The Macross or ASS-1 (alien star ship-1). The Robotech version retconned in an alien raced named the Robotech Masters. The SDF-1 would be Zor’s starship. Eternity comics put out a comic titled Robotech Genesis Legend of Zor written and illustrated by the Waltrip brothers. In Issue 1 it depicts a version of a class of ship existing before the SDF-1 named the Starship Aztraph which first carried Zor to Optera. Later, Zor constructs the SDF which is depicted in Issue 6. It resembles the SDF-3 Pioneer in this comic. Some sources state the SDF-3 was built by humans as a Trojan horse to enter orbit around Tirol as a Zentreadi ship. Thus, the original SDF in Issue 6 of Robotech Genesis built by the Robotech Masters should not resemble the SDF-3 built by humans after the destruction of the SDF-1 and SDF-2. These are problems of continuity in the Robotech canon. The Trojan horse idea for the Robotech Expeditionary Force should be to make the SDF-3 look like the original SDF-1 built by the Robotech Masters. This would fit in with the illustrations of the SDF-3.

Comico Comics put out a book titled Robotech The Graphic Novel Genesis: Robotech. It depicts the SDF-1 on an uninhabited world and also crashing on Earth. This version also resembles the SDF-3.

In Episode 1 of Robotech there are a few quick shots of the SDF-1 falling to Earth. It has been screen grabbed and it basically looks the same as the humans reverse engineered or retrofitted version.

The original Japanese version of Protoculture explains the Protoculture created the Zentreadi to be their military force. Thus, Zentreadi ships and technology were created by the Protoculture. The Protoculture split into two factions. One side had the Supervision Army and the other side had the Zentreadi. Both sides would have technology and ships based on the technology of the Protoculture. Thus, extrapolating to Robotech, Zenteadi ships should be somewhat derivative of Robotech Masters’ ships. However, this is not evidenced in Episodes 37 to 60 because the original cartoons are not actually related.

Can anyone cite the McKinney novel or page numbers explaining the appearance of the SDF-3? Didn’t it mention resembling a grasshopper?



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