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Posted: 07 August 2019 05:27 AM  
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Hello everyone,,
The Shadow Chronicles, it seems that after a 20 year hiatus, all things Robotech are beginning to pick up for all us fans and i for one couldn’t be happier. However, the question that i pose in this thread is about the possibility of an all new Robotech series to be produced.
We are currently at a time where it seems that the interest and excitement concerning Robotech is at its highest since way back in the 80’s, this all comes after the release of the Shadow Chronicles and the talks that have been going on about developing a Live Action Movie and of course the development of a sequal to TSC, Shadow Rising. While i love all this new development and continuation of our beloved saga, i question the methods by which this is achieved.

The Shadow Chronicles, in my opinion (although there will be many out there who will disagree with me), was a fantastic first step in reinvigorating a 20 year old story line and matching it so closely to the original material, i have no dispute with that, however, we saw Scott Bernard, Ariel, Louie..a little of Rich Hunter…but what about the rest of the cast of Robotech? All the other great characters that made the series so in depth and great to watch?

The reason for this is because it is impossible to adequately portray all the events of every character from the Robotech universe in a 90 minute feature, thus a few key characters were chosen from each saga. So how could this issue be addressed? Everyone has their own favourite character who they would like to see the progress of after the original RT wars, places that they would love to see revisited and answers to questions left at the end of the 85 episode run, in order to accomplish the wishes of all the fans, it would be necessary to create many many 90 minute movies just to satisfy a few individuals.

However, would it not be a more feasible solution to simply create a new series of 20 - 30 minute episodes that would be able to tie up all loose ends and satsify a majority of the fan base?

This is not a complaint about the direction RT is heading, after all ANY type of Robotech media is more than welcomed and appreciated, it is simply a question/ advice based on the opinions of a loyal and dedicated fan.


Posted: 08 August 2019 03:05 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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I dont know about a new series, but perhaps a new retelling of the entire line from the beginning.  New art, new concepts, new images.  Same characters, maybe flesh out some of the old story subplots etc.  Remember it all started in 1999, supposedly.  The world is past that date now, bring it up to date and set it back in the future.  Just a thought.

Now a new series could be good but I say dont throw out the Sentinels.  Keep it in, those characters could add depth.  IMHO of course.



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Posted: 08 August 2019 10:45 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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I’d be happy with just a movie-length OVA that continues where The Shadow Chronicles left off. Given how much time has passed since TSC, a sequel could probably now have mostly new characters and mecha.


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Posted: 23 October 2019 10:19 AM   [ # 3 ]  
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