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Essential kitchen equipment?
Posted: 02 August 2019 04:07 AM  
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Hello everyone,,
In a couple months I’ll be moving into a new house would like to stock it with some decent equipment.

Was wondering whether you guys would be able to help me make a list of stuff that are essential in a good kitchen. Also it would be amazing if you could include what kind of food that equipment is useful for and maybe some recommendations on quality makes too.
commercial kitchen
Im always look to try making new things so any suggestions are welcome.


Posted: 03 August 2019 06:19 AM   [ # 1 ]  
Master Chief Sergeant
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Microwave, toaster, can opener (manual or electric), knife set, utensils pot holders, dish rags, pots and pans, coffee maker (I usta know how to do boil in bag rice with one of those, lol)

Most of the stuff you can find in the dollar tree, some at Wal Mart, maybe pop into Bed Bath N Beyond for some too.

Depends on your budget an personal preference

The link you provided is more in line with what a restaurant would use.  Cool stuff but the prices can run a little high.  The places I named off you could have your stuff and get your kitchen up and running the day you move in.  If you wanted too.



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