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4 Days Chiang Mai & Pai (Visa Run)
Posted: 01 August 2019 02:27 PM  
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Hello guys,,
As per the title, I will have 4 days in the area from this coming Sunday 28th

I work in HCMC and leave every three months to get a new visa (I’m sure many of you are used to this) but this is my first time in Thailand.

Anyway, I am researching things to do but if anyone has any recommendations or wants to join me for a drive or hike let me know. I’ll be renting a scooter once I arrive in Chiang Mai and will either drive directly to Pai or stay in CM for a night or two. I guess it depends on how much it rains. I’m used to it living in Vietnam but I hear the road to Pai is dangerous.

I know its off-season so I think I just go with it and not book any accommodations. (bad idea?)
Online Samui
In terms of what kind of recommendations I am looking for: Best homestays to meet other travelers and have a few drinks (not 24/7 party hostels) and a good place to rent a motorbike and a big helmet. I don’t fit into 90% of the asian helmets.