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Overwhelmed by options. Koh Lipe?
Posted: 01 August 2019 02:25 PM  
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Hello everyone,,
We have plane tickets into Bangkok and out of Singapore in late November. We have to about 12 days to make it to Singapore via Malaysia where we have a family friend that we want to say hi to.

My first thought was to do 1-2 days in Bangkok, take the plane to Hat Yai, ferry to Koh Lipe. Spend a few days in Koh Lipe, then take ferry to Langkawi, and then fly from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur.

I’m concerned that Koh Lipe will be too overcrowded since it’s a tiny island that seems extremely developed. There also seems to be no shortage of lovely resorts all over Thailand that look amazing.

Some fast facts about us:

We are intense travelers and are pretty indefatigable
We like being active and love biking, hiking, and kayaking

We are scuba certified and would love to get some good dives in

We generally prefer quiet and seclusion but are okay with some nightlife around us, as long isn’t too rowdy

We are willing to splurge on high end properties if they are unique and interesting, ~500 USD per night which seems plenty in Thailand