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Posted: 03 July 2019 12:45 AM  
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The Protoculture Times Podcast
One fan’s journey into re-exploring and celebrating the science fiction franchise ROBOTECH.

On each episode, your host, JT explores the history of the franchise he has been a fan of for over 20 years. Robotech’s history has had its bumpy roads, failures and mismanagements, but has maintained for almost a quarter of a century. This is one fan’s tribute not just to a franchise, but to a fandom who despite seeing the franchise’s flaws, never gave up on it.

Episode 0, the Introduction, is available for download/listening. It gives an overview of the show and what to expect and what not to expect from it. This production is an alternative to what’s in the Robotech “mainstream” where the diversity of opinion is celebrated in a civil and respectful manner.

The whole premise is to enjoy Robotech!

Stay tuned for the official premier…coming soon!