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Posted: 02 June 2019 06:16 AM  
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Hello everyone,,
How many characters in Robotech smoke?  Gloval obvi, but how many other ones?
In Macross Saga think Ive seen random guys smoking in the city scenes in the ship, but dont recall specifics. Do any of the actual characters smoke?

Just wondering. Bc I was watching the Watchmen movie the other day for the first time since seeing it in theater and noticed that nobody smoked, as compared to the comic where lots of people smoked and it was an undercurrent theme.

Obviously there are lots of other Japanese animation from the 80s where characters smoke. Just lots of shows from the 80s, and even 90s in generally really. Not so much today.

Sub question, if it was remade again today, would there be less smoking?

Just a thought, since lots of people think about quitting smoking for new years. This poor girl I work with didnt even last more than 2 days in her efforts to try to quit smoking. Oh well. Still interesting to see how its represented in classics like Robotech.

Posted: 03 June 2019 07:03 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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Lunk smokes in New Generation, IINM so does Emerson .


Supreme Commander Leonard is an Agent of the Robotech Masters.

Posted: 03 June 2019 09:15 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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I remember Roy Fokker smoking outside the restaurant waiting for Minmei and her two friends.  He tells her Rick is missing.  Minmei runs off to the park to think.

When Khyron attacks a city during the Reconstruction story arc of The Macross Saga, a dock worker is shown smoking a cigarette and he is vaporized by some submerged battlepods if I recall.

Admiral Hayes is seen smoking.  Colonel Maistroff attempts to smoke but Sammie shuts him down.

Miriya is smokin’ hot.

If Robotech and Macross were made today there would be no smoking.  The science is proven about the effects of smoking.