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Posted: 28 April 2019 01:05 AM  
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Hello everyone,,
So. How can the fan base for our beloved Robotech be grown?
How I see Robotech fandom now: I think there are many fans who grew up with Robotech, but after 20 years have forgotten it. I think something should be done to get their attention.

I am not sure what the numbers on the site are, but it seems like the traffic on the forums are down. This used to be a very lively place. It doesn’t seem like it so much anymore. What can be done? Input guys?

There seem to be some upset or angry fans. What is that all about? Certainly some people are not satisfied with whatever. Fandom will always be like that, I guess. But what can be done about this?

You guys have any input?


Posted: 28 April 2019 04:43 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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The new comics have been a good start. I personally am enjoying them a ton. But unless its Marvel or DC I doubt anyone outside of Robotech fans and comic enthusiasts are picking up issues. Even if a lot of new people are picking up the comics, even fewer are going to find their way to the forums, sadly.

The anger certainly stems from not continuing on the Robotech story in it’s entirety.

Not to mention that largely speaking forums are a bit of a dying breed these days.


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Posted: 28 April 2019 11:45 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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Hi there.  Most media properties fade with time.  A few are eternal.  Robotech may make a comeback someday.  Robotech needs capital investment from wall street.  It would be nice if the owners of the Japanese version of Macross could regain all the rights to all their material and all the Robotech material.  There are 3 options if this were to occur.  They could kill Robotech forever by never licensing it and never manufacturing it.  Option 2 is they could expand Robotech using all their intellectual property like mecha designs and character likenesses. Option 3 is begin marketing the original Japanese Macross material to the USA.

I think Robotech is owned by an American company using the likenesses of another property.  The Macross owners are not interested in acquiring Robotech.  Maybe the Macross owners would be interested in selling their Macross product to Americans.  This may motivate the Macross owners to form a master plan of acquiring Robotech to free them from any legal restrictions of selling Macross to Americans.

Personally, I am interested in literary criticism, film theory, and scholarly anime analysis of Robotech.  I have posted two essays here.  One is on Gender Studies in Robotech and one is on Ecocriticism and Robotech.  Robotech is ripe for exploration but I seem to be alone in this interest.

I think it’s all about money.  It might be about ego and pride if the creators and owners are being stubborn.  It is all a cost benefit analysis.  Where is the fast money?  Renewing licensing.

Maybe no one wants to risk litigation as the ruling may not be in their favor.  The license holders are content with the status quo.

So enjoy Robotech and be thankful we have it.  smile

Posted: 30 April 2019 06:35 PM   [ # 3 ]  
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Robotech will never grow or become popular again.  The legal issues on rights, HG’s miss-handing of the material, and kids just not interested in the property will kill it or regulate it to obscurity.  Until good, new animation hits TV, its dead.  The partial abortion that was The Shadow Chronicles shows the lack of quality and commitment HG has to Robotech.  Until the issue of who has what rights are settled, Macross characters are probably done for, and lets face it, The Macross Saga IS Robotech for many of us.