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Watching Robotech for the 1st time in 33 years
Posted: 27 April 2019 09:51 AM  
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I loved Robotech when I was a kid. I had watched the 1st and 2nd season as they aired and then with only a few (3?) episodes left my family moved from Del Mar, CA to a place with no cable and so I never saw the conclusion to The New Generation.

I recently got my hands on a copy of that season (3). I haven’t seen the show in 33 years but I’m surprised how much it kind of holds up (with me being older and obviously the show being old). The show must have been way ahead of its time. When I feel nostalgic and revisit things from my childhood most things have a patina on them that is not very flattering. This show seems to be pretty darn good in that regard. OmegleAppvalley[url=][/url] 

After season 3 is there more? I guess I know there is more. More to the point does anyone have any recommendations on what Robotech series/movie to watch next?

Posted: 17 July 2019 03:48 PM   [ # 1 ]  
Master Sergeant
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Great to hear, and I agree with you….the story was captivating enough that it still holds up. 

I would recommend seeing Love Live Alive and the Shadow Chronicles.  If the first generation is your favorite, there are Macross spinoffs, and tons of it.


“This Robotech thing was just so exciting I couldn’t give it up. It just gets in your blood or something, I don’t know.”

Posted: 12 August 2019 04:36 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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