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ROBOTECH Matches # 7:  Grand Cannon vs. Dolza’s Command Fortress (alternate “Force of Arms” scenario)
Posted: 24 March 2019 05:02 PM  
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In ROBOTECH Episode # 27 (“Force of Arms”), the United Earth Forces managed to get off a single shot of the Grand Cannon and took down a large number of Zentraedi warships, though the cannon failed to hit Dolza’s Command Fortress.  Presumably, Dolza was no fool and did not station the command fortress anywhere that the Grand Cannon could hit it.

However, let’s imagine an alternative scenario in which Dolza does foolishly position his command fortress within the striking range of the Grand Cannon’s beam.  The United Earth Forces fire the Grand Cannon and score a direct hit on the command fortress.


1.  Is the Grand Cannon powerful enough to completely destroy the command fortress?

2.  What impact does the destruction of the fortress in this manner have upon the subsequent battle?

Posted: 24 March 2019 09:55 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Hmm…. Interesting….

It’s possible that the Grand Cannon could’ve destroyed Dolza’s Command base. Likely by breaching the hull and taking out several reflex furnices.

AS for the subsequent battle, if Dolza’s base had been taking out, combined with physiological attack of Minmei’s song, The Grand/Main fleet would’ve been in total confusion. Hindering their efforts to mount an effective defense.


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