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Posted: 16 March 2019 04:39 AM  
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Hello everyone,,

I should have posted this here earlier but did not think of it till now.  I took the pre-release rules, the demo videos, and the tactical briefings that were released and wrote an updated rules book with some pictures I found online, and updated tactical briefing with pics and also some cheat sheets and pretty force org charts.  Basically you have enough to play the game out and things should be pretty close to what the real game will be when releases less the specials for special characters.
I’ve played out a few games in my garage and will soon start a 4th game.  Here are some links to what I’ve done so far!
Oh, and I also spent some time fidgeting with the stats and how they were converted from the Role Playing Game to Tactics.  I go most of it figured out fairly well.  I need to adjust the invid some so don’t stress when you look at their stats because they will have some changes coming this month….