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Is this the general feeling? Has everyone seen everything?
Posted: 13 March 2019 02:54 AM  
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I may not like EVERY picture you have found on the net, BUT Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail I do enjoy seeing some of the gems. Way I look at it is…if I don’t like what you post, I don’t upvote the post. If you post something I like, I upvote….plain and simple. I don’t think I’ve down voted unless it was something about “robotic manufacturing”...jeez!

Posted: 18 March 2019 12:31 AM   [ # 1 ]  
Master Chief Sergeant
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After 34 years with little new content, the only thing new for a long time was fan-fiction and fan-art.  Now we do have new content on the way and new content available now, so we have some new things to discuss.  It’s back to cautious excitement for me.


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