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Rick Hunter’s Journey
Posted: 10 March 2019 03:50 AM  
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Hello everyone,

I recently started watching Robotech again but I want to follow Rick Hunter and Lisa Haye’s journey on the SDF-3. I know that there is the Robotech II: The Sentinels movie but after that I don’t know where to go from there. If you guys could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire


Posted: 10 March 2019 07:19 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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There’s the Jack McKinney novels and the Eternity/Academy comics which are partially based on the novels. The Palladium RPG also covers the Pioneer/expeditionary mission with the Sentinels and REF Field Guide books.


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Posted: 11 March 2019 11:07 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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There are The Sentinels Comics by the Waltrip brothers.  However, Rick and Lisa quickly jump from the SDF-3 to the Farrago I think.  This follows the novels.  Have you read the novels?

For animation maybe research Macross sequels but I don’t think those follow Rick and Lisa.  They may only have a few minutes worth of animation relevant to Robotech in Do You Remember Love or Flashback 2012.  I never watched them.

Why are there hyperlinks in your post?  grin