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Mospeada as Sci Fi LGOP
Posted: 03 March 2019 12:08 AM  
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AKA Little Groups of Paratroopers, based on the accounts of many American paratroopers forming ad-hoc units across regiments and companies when they were all scattered away from their units during D-Day.
So when I was watching Mospeada, I just started having thought of “Basically, if Stig/Scott Bernard is Lt. Winters but instead of other 101st Airborne, he had a hobo Rei/Rand, a biker Houqet/ Rook, drag-queen Yellow/Lancer, and an old soldier Jim/Lunk, and a brat Mint as a team” after thinking about “surviving soldier trying to get the job done with whatever he got” storyline (Band of Brothers’ first episodes, Brothers In Arms, The Longest Day, and maybe Hornets’ Nest). (And the link kinda proved my idea since the original creators, Kakinuma Hideki, and Aramaki Shinji, were inspired by D-Day and wanted to have a story of soldiers who survived the crash trying to destroy Refless/Reflex Point)
I am just wondering if Mospeada is the only sci-fi anime with that type of storyline or were there others?


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Posted: 02 March 2020 10:42 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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The soldiers are inserted into mechanical bodies that fuse with them and become their permanent bodies. Only the Refless can safely remove an Inbit soldier from its mechanical body and place it in another. Because the Inbit focus so keenly on biology their mechanical 9apps technology appears to progress slowly.

Posted: 07 April 2020 01:34 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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