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ROBOTECH Matches # 4:  Miriya Parino Sterling vs. Marie Crystal!
Posted: 28 February 2019 11:00 AM  
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Our fourth match features several different scenarios.  smile

Miriya Parino Sterling vs. Marie Crystal under these circumstances:


Miriya (in standard red VF-1J) vs. Marie (in Veritech Logan), in Macross or Monument City.


Miriya (in Super VF-1J) vs. Marie (in Veritech AGACS) in space.


Miriya (in Zentraedi Quadrono Female Powered Armor) vs. Marie (in Veritech AGACS) in space.

Posted: 28 February 2019 11:56 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Okay, I’ll bite…

Scenario 1:
Miriya - victor.
A VF-1 Valkyrie outclasses the VF-8 Logan in most aspects. The Logan though would be a smaller target, and more agile.
Miriya also has far more experience as a pilot.

Scenario 2:
Miriya - victor.
A VF-1J with the Super pack (Armored Veritech) would have the speed, firepower, and durability advantage over AGACs in space. The AGACs might be more agile, but it wouldn’t have the firepower to quickly take out an Armored Veritech VF-1J.
But again, it would be more due to Miriya’s experience.

Scenario 3:
Miriya -victor.
Miriya’s Power Armor, the Queadluun-Rau would be too quick and agile for the AGACs to handle effectively in space.
But, as with the other scenarios, Miriya’s experience would be the deciding factor.


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Posted: 08 March 2019 06:58 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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I like Marie more as a character… But Miriya would give her a whuppin’ for the ages!


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Posted: 09 March 2019 01:38 PM   [ # 3 ]  
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Scenario 1
IF Marie in the Logan can survive the VF-1’s missile payload (a big IF), the VF-1 piloted by even Miryia might be in for a tough fight.  The Logan is shown to be fairly nible, and Marie is known to dodge Bioroid fire in the Logan which means she can do the same against the VF-1.  The GU-11 is also a long term negative for Miryia as it can jam (potentially) and it is known to run out of ammunition.  Miryia could potentially be forced to withdraw (out of ammo, and her unit is faster so escape is an option)

Scenario 2
I think the above in Scenario 1 still applies to a VF-1 vs AGAC matchup, though I don’t tend to think of the AGAC as being more nible than the Logan.  The main weakness of the VF-1 is that it is heavily ammunition dependent, its lasers aren’t primary weapons unlike the AGAC.

Scenario 3
I really want to say the AGAC, since ASC hardware is supposed to be set for a Zentreadi rematch (given Emerson’s reply in Ep38 about them being set if the unknowns are Zentreadi).  However, the FPA may still outclass the AGAC.

One advantage Marie potentially has in all3 is that she likely has much more knowledge of the capabilities of the mecha her opponent is using than the reverse.  Marie’s style in the Logan and AGAC are some what reminiscent of Max in the VF-1 (favoring the gunpod, where Rick/Roy seem to be a mix, I don’t recall much on Miryia’s tactics).


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