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so is it curved and organic looking or boxy and squared off?
Posted: 25 February 2019 01:01 AM  
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This is a question mulled over in my mind for a while now. The image of the SDF-3 in the Sentinels literature (and short VHS videotape) as well as the audio dialogue states that the Expeditionary force intended on trying to fool the Robotech Master by “wrapping the whole thing in the hull of a Zentraedi battlecruiser” (not sure if those are Max’s exact words or not). I always took this to mean that they took a mostly intact Zentraedi ship and gutted it of all of the giant-sized equipment, replacing all of it with human designed (and sized) technology. But when we see the SDF-3 in the Shadow Chronicles, it has a very different look about it. It is very rectangular and squared-off - kind of like a big box in space. Could Max’s line about wrapping the SDF-3 in a Zentraedi hull be interpreted differently? Maybe they “bolted on” pieces of the curved Zentraedi hull with explosive bolts so that it could be jettisoned once the “ruse was up”. I don’t know if this hull shape issue has ever been reconciled by the fan community or not. Omegle Appvalley [url=]


Posted: 25 February 2019 06:54 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles Graphic Novel/Comic-mini-series.  The SDF-3 with the curved hull as seen in Sentinels, which per the Infopedia Ship comparison chart is the one with the exo-skeletal hull, was severely damaged in the battle with a fleeding Edwards, so much so that they had to rebuild the ship and that is when they removed the exo-skeletal hull that we see in TSC.


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