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Do the Southern Cross mecha even use protoculture?
Posted: 11 February 2019 11:56 PM  
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From what I understand, the mecha in the original anime that the Second Robotech War was based on (Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross) were powered by miniature nuclear fusion reactors. Most of the documentation that I have seen regarding the Second Robotech War copies-and-pastes a lot the technical specs over from the original source material so many of the Veritechs have ‘fusion’ listed as their power source. The problem the I have with this is that it would give the Armies of the Southern Cross a huge advantage over the Invid invaders at the start of the Third Robotech War. After all, the Invid sensors can lock on and track mecha that use protoculture and they are forced to rely on visual sighting for targeting non-protoculture enemies. That was the whole reason why the expeditionary forces used Shadow fighters (with their protoculture masking technology) to such great effect during the re-invasion of Earth. Why would the expeditionary forces even need to worry about powering their mecha with protoculture if there was a viable option in using fusion? TLDR: Many sources claim that Southern Cross mecha do not use protoculture but this undercuts the importance of protoculture in the entire storyline. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire


Posted: 12 February 2019 11:04 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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I’ve theorized in the past that robotech mecha didn’t start using protoculture exclusively until the REF somehow acquired a new matrix and could start mass-producing fresh stockpiles of their own.  Prior to that time, robotech ships and mecha may have been more like modern-day hybrid cars and incorporated some conventional technologies as well (if only because they didn’t fully understand robotechnology during the earlier years).

Posted: 13 February 2019 02:37 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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The Southern Cross Army uses Protoculture like everybody else.

From the top of my head:

- There is an unnamed technician who mentions a protoculture generator when repairing hovertanks.
- In early episodes when the Masters were considered “just” space pirates it was discussed it this was their objective
- Leonard question earth supplies in the last episodes
- The Masters themselves say that they want Earth supplies. If this is just the protoculture factory or the processed PC that humans use is not specified.

I can’t remember the specific episodes.
I believe there are other instances but I can’t remember them. Its been a while since my last re-wacht.

The uRRG theorized that the PC we see in cans in part 3. Is a standard that dates back to the Masters early empire.
Just like todays AA or D batteries.
Since the Invids held and traded (remember Wolf?) fuel that otherwise could only be of use for their enemies is
reasonable that it IS their standard fuel canister derived from reverse engineered technology from the Masters.


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