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ROBOTECH Matches # 1:  Khyron (Officer’s Battlepod) and Miriya (Quadrono Power Armor) vs. Corg and Sera (Royal Command Battloids)
Posted: 04 February 2019 05:33 PM  
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First in a series. smile

Two-on-two match, Zentraedi vs. Invid:  Khyron (using an Officer’s Battlepod) and Miriya (using a Quadrono Power Armor) vs. Corg and Sera (both using Royal Command Battloids). How does the fight go down?

Posted: 04 February 2019 10:30 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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I would most likely give this to Khyron and Miriya. They’re both battle hardened and more experienced then Corg and Sera.


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Posted: 06 February 2019 10:51 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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I would go with Miria and Khyron easily. Sera and Corg wouldn’t last 5 minutes.