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35 years later I’m starting all over….got questions
Posted: 11 February 2019 11:32 AM   [ # 16 ]  
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ShadowLogan - 11 February 2019 07:06 AM
Hunting_Invid - 06 February 2019 11:44 AM

ahhhhh so watching ep 45 last night, and my annoyance with Dana has turned into a soft hate.

I’m not sure of the spoiler policy so anyone new not wanting to be seen, read at your own risk.

Really, you’re fighting for survival against an enemy that is trying to kill you and you want to basically go lynn kyle( I hated, I mean hated that dude and was very disappointed he was allowed to live) with a gun on us? She should’ve been removed from her command. She allowed a battleoid to take a human hostage because she didn’t want to kill the pilot. She aided the enemy and risked the lives of her men. I don’t think she didn’t fire for fear of hitting the civilian either, this was straight up ridiculous.

The Masters use Bioroids NOT Battloids (correct RT spelling).

Dana’s actions might actually have been correct (morally) though.  If they had fired upon the Bioroid holding the civilian hostage, the hostage would either be killed or severely injured if you think about the result of a successful shot..

A best case scenario is that the hostage is injured, keep in mind the Bioroid model in question is 6.4m tall (~21ft), and it was holding him at roughly chest level (approx. 2/3 height).  While a fall from that height is survivable, I don’t think it’s an easy “walk away” from fall under those conditions (no safety gear, reaction time to be “ready” to hit the ground properly, impacting concrete rubble, etc).

More likely the civilian hostage is going to die from the destruction of the Bioroid.  You have shrapnel from the exploding bioroid section, possibly a radius effect from the VHT’s gunpod, could tighten the grip crushing him, the unit (or parts of) could also fall on them, the dying Bioroid could also essentially toss him (instead of tightening grip).

Dana’s goal, while against orders, does make some sense.  The ASC was essentially fighting in the dark with very little information on their enemy, capturing (even a low level) pilot(s) could provide a boon to intelligence and maybe even clarify some of the issues at the briefings she attended earlier in the episode.

Not shooting to protect the hostage would make sense, but I’m going on how she was acting after she learned there were living beings in the bioroids. Usually you hear the character say not to shoot due to the harm that could come to the hostage in situations like that. I honestly can’t think of a movie, show or whatever where it’s not explained why they didn’t shoot to save the hostage. I just can’t buy they didn’t mention that here because they banked on people assuming. I mean as much as I love Robotech, it was aimed for kids and it seems a bit odd they would assume kids would figure out why they didn’t shoot all on their own.

She didn’t say that, and she really seemed more concerned for the alien than the human. I understand she wanted to capture one but that was not her goal with the rest. She was saying they couldn’t kill them because there are alive people operating the bioroids or something to that effect.

Generation 1, I could partly understand why they started to try and disable the zentradi pods rather than kill them. But this, this was something that really took me out of the 2nd part of the saga.

Posted: 12 February 2019 07:31 AM   [ # 17 ]  
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At the start of the battle in Ep45 Louie does state “If you have any other alternative don’t shoot directly at their cockpits we might be able to capture one”.  That IS Dana’s goal here, which falls under the pretense of gathering intelligence.  A living pilot can tell the ASC far more potentially than a corpse.  Remember there is disagreement about the status of the pilot (android or living being), capturing one (or another one in this case) would go a way in settling the dispute.


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