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Ammunition of VF-1 Veritech gun pod vs. ammunition of Alpha Fighter gun pod?
Posted: 05 January 2019 02:18 AM  
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The gun pods with which the VF-1 Veritech Fighters were equipped evidently fired some kind of shells, but what about the gun pods with which the Alpha Fighters were equipped?  The Alpha Fighter gun pods apparently shot some kind of energy beam instead of shells, but that could simply be an optical effect of the MACROSS and MOSPEADA series animators’ illustration and coloring techniques.  Did the two Veritech Fighter types shoot different kinds of ammunition out of their gun pods?

Posted: 05 January 2019 09:11 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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Per the Infopedia the GU-11 fires 55mm shells, the Alpha Family has two gunpods both of which are energy based (what type isn’t elaborated if they are laser or particle or plasma, though the RPG does). 

The old 1E RPG also gave the Alpha 35mm gunpod that fired shells, though how they arrived at that I’m not sure.  2E RPG elaborates the gunpods to laser (alpha) and ion (shadow).


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