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May I have my original “Beef!” account back?
Posted: 29 December 2018 07:58 PM  
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Joined  2018-12-28

I was 1000 points out from being an Officer and able to hang out in the Officers Lounge and I would love to have all of those points back again. cheese


I wish I knew everyone’s nick name,
all their slang and all their sayings,
every way to show affection,
how to dress to fit the occasion…
I wish we all waved…

Posted: 01 January 2019 03:18 AM   [ # 1 ]  
Master Sergeant
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Joined  2004-04-09

Likewise Beef!... I was cruising along nicely before the shutdown.

Happy NYE BTW. wink


Founder of the “BRING BACK ZOR” league of 85er’s