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How do you handle multi-classing?
Posted: 23 December 2018 02:48 AM  
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GMs, how do you handle multi-class player characters?

Do you strictly limit your players to one class? Do you forego player classes altogether? Do you implement multi-classing according to the rules of a specific Palladium book? (If so, I have follow-up questions…) Do you have a homebrew system (or a twist on an existing system) that you use?

For instance, a Robotech book one REF Veritech Pilot (granted a measly 1 new skill per Level) with a goodly quantity of Experience finds themself pressed into service by a post Shadow Chronicles UEEF (why & how are a complicated story):

The character does not have the requisite IQ to qualify as a UEEF Veritech Pilot, & moreover given their situation & <a> other interests, they would much rather take on the occupation of a UEEF Technical Officer, with an occupational specialization of Helmsman or (more likely) Engineering.

This is a wildly different set of skills to learn, almost on par with suddenly taking up magical pursuits. What requirements &\or limitations would you put on this new training? If you allow multi-classing, how do you handle leveling up those characters’ skills?

If I recall correctly, the Rules As Written specify adding the skills of a new OCC at half their usual proficiency. While this might seem like a big cut, the sheer number of skills acquired in this manner seems somewhat OP, even if many of the previous OCC’s skills stop advancing.