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Art Critique of Robotech:  Gender Studies/Female Character Analsyis Part 2 of 6:  The Effect of Love on Strong Female Characters in Robotech
Posted: 29 November 2018 11:31 AM  
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Part 1 of 6:  The Tragic Incompatibility of Opposite Genders in Robotech

Part 2 of 6:  The Effect of Love on Strong Female Characters in Robotech

Second, Robotech has strong female characters. Granted, from our contemporary point of view, they are manifested from 1980’s Japanese culture and Carl Macek’s 1980’s re-interpretation, but they are a breakthrough for female empowerment.  Some examples are Lisa Hayes becomes Admiral, Minmei is a tool of the military, Miriya is an ace fighter pilot, Dana Sterling is a commanding officer, and Rook Bartley is a kind of anti-hero and a fierce warrior.  On the other hand, The Regess is a typical wicked witch villainess character which is a bit misogynist and stereotypical.  The new Titan Comics (spoiler alert) are taking female empowerment to a whole new level.  The re-imagined Minmei is assertive, Lisa is obviously Captain, and Azonia and Miriya are amplified.

There are other patterns of female characters in Robotech.  One of these patterns is Dana and Annie are tomboys.  Miriya is a tomboy, but all Zentreadi females are tomboys.  Lisa, Marie Crystal, and Nova Satori are shrews.  Lisa’s tough exterior is eventually softened by Rick.  Rick accomplishes what the bridge bunnies and Claudia all seem to fail at (As an aside, who first coined the term “bridge bunnies?”).  Marie is almost softened by Sean Phillips.  Nova is a little softened by Zor Prime.  Rook is almost softened by Rand.  Scott Bernard is uptight and Marlene/Ariel softens him to a point.  Minmei softens everyone… except Lisa.  Miriya is softened by Max and Dana.  This is all commentary on the transformative power of love.

Additionally, the Zentreadi, Zor Prime, Ariel, and Sera become deserters and embrace love over their own sterile and aseptic cultures.

On the topic of Love, Robotech also warns the viewer against toxic forms of love.  Upon exposure to the micronian emotion love, the Zentreadi begin to fight and manifest greed as their passions are enflamed.  The Regent and Regess are estranged due to her extramarital inter-species affair with Zor.  This inspires the Invid to oppress the Regess and avenge the crimes committed against them.  Scott seeks revenge for a lost love.  The Masters are drunk with power and seem loveless.  Minmei has abusive relationships with Kyle and T. R. Edwards.  Minmei has a small romance with the married Jonathon Wolf.  In the novels, Minmei eventually follows the typical rock star career arc of Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, and Whitney Houston.  Minmei and Kyle are an animated version of Ike and Tina Turner.  This is all commentary about the dangers inherent in love.